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41: Auntie Baby

40: LIVE at PodCon2: F*** The Moon (with Kyle Willoughby)

PodCon2. Our first live show. The Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse. Special guest Kyle Willoughby. We combine these ingredients to bring you our most bangin', most crowd-pleasin', most moon-fuckin' episode of all time. Jam it in and turn up the volume, babes!

  • Recorded at the LiveU Recording Studio at PodCon 2
  • Find Kyle Willoughby on Twitter @Klex303
  • Find 'Dragons, Sexy Robots & Adventures' at
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39: Birdfoot and Box

Your hilarious, non-pedantic hosts dive deep into the new Sandy B. flick, 'Bird Box'. Laila, who ALWAYS thinks the book is better, compares it to the source. We talk "crazies", birds, babies, and boats. For an immersive experience, listen to this one blindfolded! (Get a free audiobook at!) (Transcripts available at (For more information and content, visit

38: Larry and the Lithgows

Happy New Year! We kick off 2019 (and Year 2 of Bigfoot and Bob) with the Bigfoot classic, Harry and the Hendersons! Join us in an unbiased look at the missing link between John Lithgow and good movies. (Get a free audiobook at!) (Transcripts available at (For more information and content, visit

37: Pontypool Changes Everything

When DJ Grant Mazzy reports to his basement radio station in the Canadian town of Pontypool, he thinks it's just another day at work. But when he hears reports of a virus that turns people into zombies, Mazzy barricades himself in the radio booth and tries to figure out a way to warn his listeners about the virus and its unlikely mode of transmission. (Get a free audiobook at!) (Watch the full Denver Riggleman SNL segment at (Transcripts available at (For more information and content, visit

36: Crossbows Aren't Kosher (Listener Submissions!)

Spice up your week with a dollop of monsteriffic fun from your favorite Washington pair! We explore Laika's newest film in a way that would put Ebert to shame, put on our hardcore gamer hats for Red Dead Redemption 2, and answer listener questions that explore ghosts, rocking chairs, and the liveliest graveyard in Wales! (Watch the new 'Missing Link' trailer at (Watch people crash their horses in RDR2 at (Get a free audiobook at (Transcripts available at (For more information and content, visit

35: 'Crypt' from the Headlines!

Hot on the heels of Halloween, Laila and Ryan explore the most shocking recent conspiracies and breaking cryptid headlines this week! Don't touch that dial! Stay tuned! Tighten those tinfoil hats! WATCH OUT! And hey: Vote. (Get a free audiobook at!) (For more information and content, visit!)

34: Halloweenies

Come with us on a journey back through the fascinating 5000-year history of the celebration we know as All Hallows' Eve! We trace the tradition back and forth to all corners of the globe, and only make like two or three piss jokes this time! LET'S GET SPOOKED! ...Historically speaking. (Send your Halloween costumes and stories to (Get a free audiobook at

33: Edgar Allen Piss

The SCAREFESTULAR TRICK-TREATIN-EST HALLOWEENIE AUTUMNATHON continues with mostly the word 'piss,' followed by an excellent and spooky poetic reading from Laila. Also, if you A) don't eat candy corn, or B) have just recently done a podcast episode about Junji Ito, YOU'RE ON NOTICE. (Get a free audiobook at!) (For more information and content, visit!)

Announcement: The 2018 Discover Pods Awards

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32: Sighted! (with Ainsley Yeager)

This week, we're joined by Seattle artist Ainsley Yeager to talk about their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and upcoming presale for 'Sighted!' Hunt along with us as we dive into the ups and downs of freelance art, jet pack efficacy, and robot hallucinations! - Get your Sighted! Pins starting next week at - Find Ainsley Yeager on Twitter and Instagram @aainsleyyactual! - Get a free audiobook at - For more episodes and content, visit